Number 5 valve is weak but don't.


4s, particularly the 3v's were built super tight and with very narrow oil passages to the cams. 24.

Put some Seafoam in there.

It contains esters, which work pretty well.

. Just make sure you subtract the oil that is in the motor with the trans fluid you added. Lucas Complete Engine Treatment is a unique formulation that cleans and lubricates multiple systems in your vehicle.

pour just fast enuff to keep it from dieing! Don't do it at your own house!!! You can also run some Marvel mystery oil in the engine.

. 5 oz. Restore (00012) 6-Cylinder Formula Engine Restorer & Lubricant - 12.

TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment: Add to Engine Lube – Makes High Mileage Cars Like New with a Synthetic Material (Treats One Regular Car, Truck, Tractor or Small Diesel) GROUNDBREAKING: Made in the USA – TriboTEX is a revolutionary engine oil additive. INSTRUCTIONS: Add entire bottle of COMPRESSION REPAIR WITH RING SEAL to engine crankcase at or between oil changes.

Feb 6, 2023 · Best Overall: Lucas Oil Additive For Valve Seal.

Reduces & prevents wear by up to 62% more than competitors.

This product is designed to be used before each oil change. Leave it in for ~ 30 minutes and drain the oil.

Most engine oil additives benefit the valve lifters, pushrods, rocker arms and valves. You don’t even need to worry further because the viscosity of the additive is the same as the oil.

Cleanses unwanted things within the transmission.
Open the crankcase to check the engine oil level.
What's the best oil additive for a sticky valve? '72 Chevelle convertible, 350 small block.

3L engine.

Its thinner and has more detergent.

Tests have proven that less-expensive oils without the necessary additive package increase IVD. T. Sep 15, 2011 · Put a half to a full quart in with the oil.

. . . . ️1 https://amzn. The rislone additive for valve seal is made for synthetic motor oils and it changes the oil.


Boost your car's performance and fuel economy by cleanly removing the carbon deposits stuck in your valves, engine,. .


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Bear in mind, however, it depends entirely on the seal material.

We took out the pistons, honed the cylinders with a bottle brush hone, and put it together with new rings and a rebuilt cylinder head.

Mega Power's Sticky Valve Cleaning Treatment ends sticky valves and their tapping - and also combustion piston blowby.