Moreover, players are allowed to wear certain protective equipment to protect themselves from sticks and powerful hits or balls coming in their way.

regulation broomball stick (which is shaped like a broom) and a regulation broomball (which is a heavy plastic ball, slightly bigger than a softball).

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A knee brace or necessary protective device may be worn if there is no exposed metal.

The dimensions can vary depending on the location and level of play. com%2fwhat-is-broomball-introduction-tips-equipment%2f/RK=2/RS=AP4MhgCo0RcsZz. Regulation hockey nets are the most commonly used, but any others are also usable.

Inside the game, every single player is required to wear the following pieces of equipment to stay safe and on the go while playing broomball steadfastly.

All broomball players must wear helmets. 99 D-Gel Gripper Broomball Shoes $89. There’s no bright orange – just an appealing black and gray color scheme.

Top 10 Broomball shoes reviewed. class=" fc-falcon">Acacia Impact Pro Broomball Glove.

Apr 15, 2023 · Another thing to remember is that the indoor broomball ball is different from the outdoor one.


Instead of skates, players wear shoes. The sole is made.

The playing stick is used to hit the ball only—not each other 3. Acacia Grip-Initiator Broomball shoes.

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Apr 13, 2023 · A standard broomball rink is typically 85 feet wide and 160 feet long.



. There is no body contact. Do you wear skates in broomball? A player uses a stick (a shaft with a molded broom-shaped head) to maneuver a six-inch diameter ball up and down the ice.

Broomball uses certain muscle groups that are almost ignored in other sports. USPS Parcel Post. Helmet. . com. Ideally you want something long sleeve, relatively lightweight, and that can cover elbow pads.


Using a broom which is basically a stick with a plastic. The dimensions can vary depending on the location and level of play.

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Helmets are mandatory and must be worn throughout the match.

What shoes do you wear for broomball? Broomball is a game that is played on the ice surface in tennis shoes.