Tao, also known as Tao and Huang Zitao, shared new pictures from his recent photoshoot through his label Z.


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Happiness, Brother, Optimism.

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Happiness, Brother, Optimism. In a recent interview with Chinese news outlet Sina, Z.



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Tao auditioned for S. 9K comments, 47K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Mel Robbins: These Irish step dancing brothers are amazing Turn your sound on! Gardiner Brothers.


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In a recent interview with Chinese news outlet Sina, Z. O”.

Tao,黄子韬), born on May 2, 1993, in Qingdao, Shandong, is a Chinese singer, actor, host, and former member of EXO/EXO-M.

Jun 22, 2021 · Back on June 17, former EXO member Z.

In the process, Zhen Zhen also gains experience and becomes a capable idol manager.

I find a brand new reason every day to be thankful to my lucky stars for making me your twin.